Alex Geana Writing

Side Step Me, poetry and pill-popping

Alex has written various poems and snapped his share of pictures. This is a compilation of early work.

Side Step Me dips into pill popping culture; a never-ending need for one night stands, conspicuous consumption, intoxication. The happy doctors that dispense pills like Halloween candy, encouraging the sensation of happiness through the lonely intimacy and sometimes fever of New York.

The author draws from his own experience, withdrawing from Celexa, cold turkey, because insurance ran dry. Capturing the strata of its inhabitants; as they constantly navigate this forever up-and-coming city – wait for lovers or try to cope with their lives. Poetry and short stories take us through the bathhouses of online sex.

The many powerful people find that stillness is intoxicating and must be avoided, because the sickly things they do, surface in their dreams. Yet finally the reasons for joy float into reality and are understood.

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