Alex Geana Writing


Alex has finished two manuscripts, slowly finding their way into books.

THE LIFE AND DEATH OF JOHN HAYWARD: Powered by a strong narrative voice, the character discovers his own life’s potential through the individuals that enter it. From Bonny, the woman he’s about to marry, whose father buys and sells the debt of nations; to the motley crew that inhabits the Sunshine Hotel, an SRO on the Bowery with people that have had a rough life but can truly show compassion.

Every gay man comes out in their own way, John explores his sexuality and the ability to form a relationship by experiencing the drug and sex fuelled lifestyle of New York, but chooses to grow beyond it. He starts his own blog consultancy and gains the confidence to build success and family. This is a story of how many people can mold and shape our lives, leaving their imprints on our souls long after they have gone.

Combining the narration of Sue Monk Kidd’s “The Secret Life of Bees” and the journey of Alan Helm’s “Young Man from the Provinces” the novel charts the characters quest for self discovery while coming out. I’m greatly inspired by writers like Toni Morrison and Jeanette Winterson (to name just a few).

RAVE: Is a novel about three people that affect each other, in the world of drugs sex and techno music. It’s about late night parties, people left intoxicated and forgotten. Rave catches three twenty something’s figuring things out. Complete strangers touching each other’s lives, caught in the perpetual haze of New York, the reader follows as they connect through other people and each other. We follow Gabriel a Supermodel. Tom a Vice President of Marketing who’s sold his soul to a faceless boss – he’s getting a divorce from Dora his High School sweetheart. Skye, a new media mogul doesn’t know his girlfriend is pregnant and she's scared to tell him.