Alex Geana Writing


Alex started out life in Romania and came to the States when he was five years old. Now a confirmed Manhattanite and writer; possessed of a shrewd yet compassionate outsider’s perspective on contemporary society.

He went to school for luxury hotel management which gave him his eagle eye for people (and food). The industry helped establish him in New York after growing up in California; his first career gives fodder and color to his work.

Alex Geana has just released a book of poetry and fiction called Side Step Me about pill-popping and being gay in the city. He’s had fiction and articles appear in various webzines, a play was produced, Three Tables; about witty restaurant banter and wealth. He’s just completed a novel. As a contributor to Huffington Post he champions fashion.

As a scribbler he champions gay themes and issues of social consequence. Trying to better understand the society we’ve created for ourselves.

Alex once penned the blog One Gay Date at a Time, the most enduring posts, lead to Side Step Me. They mentioned withdrawing from Celexa and have been an online resource to many. Now he stumbles away under his own moniker at, where you can join the conversation.

While dreaming up new writerly projects and snapping photos. He also freelances as a blog writer for hire and consultant.

People tell him, he has good hair.